1. Is shipping really free? Which countries does Shaan’s Gallery ship to?

Yes! Shaan’s Gallery offers free world wide shipping on all items if orders of $ 50 or more.

For Orders under $50, 2 shipping options are available as mentioned below:

i. Standard Shipping with tracking number for $ 3 per order.

ii. Expedited Shipping with tracking number for $ 30 per order.

2. When will I receive my order?

Your order goes through several steps before reaching your door.  Here are those steps:

Step 1            Confirm payment            0-3 business days

Step 2            Process order                   1-3 business days

Step 3            Package order                  1-2 business days

Step 4            Shipping                           9-14 business days ( for standard shipping)

Total                                                         11-22 business days

All times listed are estimates and are not guaranteed.  Exact time varies with exact destination.

3. What currency is the price in?

Price listed on our website are in following currencies.
  • United States Dollar : $

  • Indian Rupee             : INR

  • Omani Real               : OMR

4. How to trace my package status information?

You are encouraged to use the below tracking link to trace your package status before contacting Shaan’s Gallery.